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Ever since man began organizing his daily life and raising edifices, he has sought to master the use of light. His experiments with the orientation and placement of openings in buildings have given results that even today compel our admiration.


Light brings an additional emotional dimension to man’s perception of his environment. Too often considered as a merely functional technical element, lighting design is gradually becoming one of the major arts of design.


Barely one hundred years have gone by since man mastered a dream: the production of artificial light in sufficient quantity and at an affordable price.


Working side-by-side with all those who contribute to the development of our public and private spaces - urban planners, architects and landscape architects, among others - the lighting designer is now coming into his own as a full-fledged, innovative creator of environments.


Having studied art, Michel Pieroni became interested in lighting design, an area that he worked in for several years before founding Aartill in 1993. Armed with this dual expertise -artistic and technical -the agency serves architects and communities in every aspect of light design.


Working on both interior and exterior projects, we bring 15 years of rich and diversified experience to our clients.

Alone, or integrated into a multidisciplinary team, we intervene anywhere where light design can add value to architecture, to the urban environment, or to commercial premises.


The following completed projects give an idea of the range of our activities.



  • Lighting Master Plan
  • Street lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Indoor lighting
  • Retail lighting







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